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Electronic Six Pack released 2016 is a meld of classical, jazz, rock, & synth music. Tom concentrates more on capturing the experience of what he hears deep in his sole whether it is considered popular music or not. Much of the music on this album was on his mind for years waiting to be let out, for Tom this album was a cleansing of the spirit that allowed him to move on.

Under the Rainbow is a song Tom wrote after visiting Gibsonton Florida years ago where the circus performers used to stay in the summer. Back when circus's used to travel in tents and railcar. It was called the Greatest Show on Earth.

Majestic Plains was conceived on a solo ride on the motorcycle from Florida to Sturgis SD in 2009, when I saw the national grassland parks for the first time. Something deep inside of me was moved. This is what I heard as I stood there in aw of the moment.

A Stroll Through Grand Central Tom tried to capture the times in his youth when he would ride the train to the gig in NY city, miss the last train and finding cool nooks to play and take care of business at hand, then returning to the grand floor to wait for the train.

Other Side of the Looking Glass is Tom stopping a moment in time like Alice in Wonderland. Tom was also trying to get the movie company to pick this song for the sequil to the latest version of the Alice in Wonderland movie.

 Fretlass Fantasy is a free form piece for Bass and Vibes.

Complexity of Thought is a another free form piece in what some call a acid jazz format.

Manic Moonbeam is just having fun with a synthesizer and a guitar.

All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Tom Shirra
All instruments Tom Shirra

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Album Notes

Electronic Six Pack Is Tom's fourth self produced solo album -
This release is a meld of Electronic, Orchestral, Acoustic Jazz, Pop, and along with flair of other worldly spices making for an interesting buffet of musical tones.

Electronic Six Pack is one of my attempts to fuse all the styles of music I enjoy into a sketch of a moment in time through my ears and the ears of others.
The biggest question people have asked is “Why are there seven songs on your electronic six pack”. 

There are three reasons:
In the tradition of a Bakers dozen
I believe in giving a little more than less
Someone told me I couldn’t
That about sums up the story – Thanks for stopping in.


Under the Rainbow

Majestic Plains

A Stroll Through Grand Central

Other Side of the Looking Glass

Fretless Fantasy

Complexity of Thought

Manic Moonbeam