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Just Me released 2015 is Tom's First attempt at a solo album. Some of the album contains some tracks that were recorded years earlier on a early digital ZOOM CD creation station, then exported years after when he acquired the Apple/Protools solution.

All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Tom Shirra
All instruments Tom Shirra

Album Notes:

Just Me represents Tom Shirra's first self produced solo album showcasing some of the styles of music and instruments he plays. Tom has written, performed, and recorded with many artists over the years. Many of the songs have been on a shelf waiting for an album to put them on, so we collected them to present here for you to enjoy. An eclectic collection of Jazz, Electronic, Sound scapes, and even Classical stylings are represented by this multi-instumentalist on this his first solo album.

"Hang up the phone" Is a funky rock tune with a public service message.
"Beach Day" A jazz/rock song written on the beach in Florida, features a fretless bass solo.
"An Afternoon with you" A light piano jazz tune in a trio format, Piano, Upright bass, and drums.
"Hey Mikey" A upbeat synth heavy techno rock song I wrote over 30 years ago. The original song idea was played
on a Roland Juno back when polyphonic synths were new.

"Morning Thoughts" Is a soundscape based on 3 note cords played on a fretless bass with a deep message.
"Outer Solace" A synth piece in the new age\ambident style.
"Crime Drama" Theme song type tune composed in garage band with a combo of loops and live instruments.
"Ambawhat" Is a Jazz/new age type piece featuring bass and piano.
"Haunted Carousel" A jazz piece composed for the memories of an abandoned amusement park
I used to visit from my childhood.

"Road Back" A song of determination composed when I was getting back into recording after a long absence. 
"Left Hander" Is a piano etude written after meeting Jeff Berlin for the first time. Left hand extansive in a uncommon time.
"One Fermender" Is a tribute to a high school English teacher that made it a point to bring out the creativity in me and others.

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