CSCD    Just Me Again

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Just Me Again released 2015 is Tom's 2nd solo work leaning more toward Singer / Song writer style with standard instrumentation.

All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Tom Shirra
All instruments Tom Shirra

Album Notes

"Just Me Again" Is sure to take you on a enjoyable musical journey. Tom's second self produced album covers many styles of music,
Rock, Reggae, Rap, and Jazz. Tom wrote all content and recorded all instruments at ShirraSong Studios in Florida.
I try not to get stuck on one style of music and try to stay as versatile as I can as you can hear in my music. 

"Make your groovy happen" Is a upbeat song in the smooth jazz style that uses the bass to state the
melody and lyrics to help motivate you.
"Groovin' with my baby" is a upbeat tune in the style of old Motown.
"Can't we all get along" is a statement performed in the reggae style.
"Morocco Waters Euro-Spy" Upbeat song written for the baritone sax in a rock jazz fusion setting.
"Do what you want to do" Is a short poem set to a theatrical rock theme.
"Fun in the sun" As the title states, is a fun synth song featuring some of Tom's guitar playing.
"Don't let them get you down" Another synth heavy tune featuring a 60's style guitar.
"Opie 8" A slow rock song with a dark message and good advice.
"Onward" Synth heavy instrumental tune featuring guitar.
"Monday's Melancholy" Was conceived as a relaxing new age style song.
"Garage Band" Is a fun song written in the punk or grunge style in the Garage Band application.
"Tumbles" A jazzy piece with a catchy melody recorded on drums, guitar, and upright bass easily transferable to horns or strings.
"Pull up your pants" A funny rap tune written from an OG point of view.
"Outerlude" Is a simply pleasant piano piece incorporating a jazz, classical, new age view.

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