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Light Bits N Peace EZ Tom's 5th solo album released 2016. Tom returns to singer/song writer format with Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, & Vocals. Tom's publisher had a problem with the original artwork on this album, so all the art was pulled and just the text was left to meet our timeline for the first pressing. The issue was resolved by the time of the "Remastered for Streaming" series which features the artwork.

All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Tom Shirra
All instruments Tom Shirra

Album Notes

A fun, funky, bluesy, rocking, and insightful collection of music. Leaning back to basic band configuration of Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano\Organ that I normally use for live performance. Light Bits N Peace EZ represents one of my favorite pastimes of changing the phrasing of a word or a sentence turning it into a new perception of the same letters. This was a fun album to create, calling on memories throughout my life and creating a collage of music I hope you enjoy.

Da Bassman – One of the things I love to do is play off a drummer, when I was young drummers and I would
play for hours having fun and pushing it to the limit physically and musically, and I still love to do that.

Instruments – Fretless Fender Jazz Bass, Drum programming, Vocals

Rumblin Roads – Combines my love of riding motorcycles with the love of the bass guitar,
inspired by a guitar player who once said “What are you going to do play all the parts yourself,
you’re a bass player”. The melody and cords along with the bass are all done on bass guitars.

Instruments – Bass, Piano, Syth Horns, Drum programming, Vocals

Light Bits N Peaces EZ – A jazzy, bluesy piece conceived to gather this collage of music together in my
sense of humor of twisting a phrase featuring some of my guitar playing.

Instruments – Guitar, Bass, Piano, Percussion, Drum Programming, Vocals

Toby Brown – Was a gifted guitar player in my town, my house was the place everyone came to jam when I was a kid.
He was always pushing it to the limit. I have captured the spirit and soul of the jam sessions we had long ago in this recording.
Toby Brown was also the poster boy for why you don’t eat too much LSD,
It’s been many years but the last time I saw him he was homeless and screaming at the bark of trees.
I hope he found peace.

Instruments – Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar

Friendly Farms – A happy upbeat folk rock style song featuring guitar. Written as retrospective to the large
farms I have consulted for in Florida and the new farms I was able to tour in free Colorado,
Combined with my love of a carnival.

Instruments – Guitars, Bass, Calliope Synth, Electronic Drums

I’ll See You When I Get There – When I was very young my friends and I used to ride the bus all over the county.
One time we got on the bus there was a man in the back with a brown paper bag singing and caring on.
He would sing a few refrains take a sip off the bag, then pretending to play the harmonica and guitar.
This went on for the 30 minutes it took to get from downtown Bridgeport well into the next town.
I have recreated that time long ago here with a modern memory of a cell phone conversation
you might here in your travels with this bluesy number.

Instruments – Guitar, Bass, Piano, Harmonica, Electronic Drums

Haines Road Boogie – A rocking blues boogie. Haines Road, a fun but dangerous place,
at one time had more than a dozen bars and clubs within a half a mile stretch.
 I used to walk from place to place playing for tips with a Stratocaster and a pig nose strapped to my belt for fun.
It was my intention to capture the excitement of the time and neighborhood. Good Times.

Instruments – Guitar, Bass, Organ, Drum Programming

I Sing The Blues – Obviously a blues song. One night I went out to a local blues jam in the mindset to
play some guitar and sing. As I greeted the leader of the jam before I could speak a word he told me he
“had to many bass players and besides you don’t sing and you play country”.
Now that didn’t really bother me because he didn’t know any better and had been
messing with me like this for years.
So, I finished my drink without a word and went to the studio and recorded this tune that night.
With a smile I can say "now he can listen to me on the radio".

Instruments – Guitar, Bass, B3 Organ, Harmonica, Electronic Drums, Vocals

Duality – An interesting guitar piece that was conceived during a week of new friends,
old friends, and even I was made aware of the duality we all must lead at times.

Instruments – Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Piano

Friendly Farms Back 40 – A different variation of Friendly Farms with a space meant just for you. 
Instruments – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Juzak Upright Bass, Electronic Drums

Cosmic Cowboy – A Funky, Bluesy, Rock song. Playing in small clubs you meet a variety of different people,
there is a Cosmic Cowboy everywhere you go and a little Cosmic Cowboy in all of us.

Instruments – Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Electric Drums Programming, Vocals

Peaceful Sunset – Many a day walking the beach, Friendship, Fine times together.
Instruments – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Juzak Upright Bass, Electronic Drums

My Quiet Place – An airy bluesy piece featuring Guitar. After the show is over and everyone is gone to bed
I go to My Quiet Place and play, this is an example of that.

Instruments – Electric Guitar, Synthesizers, Electronic Percussion Programming


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