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Mastered For Streaming

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The Mastered for Streaming Albums came about in an interesting way.
The levels for the Master Track were changed around 2010 to accomodate computer streaming.
The loud wars of the 70's, 80's, and 90's  were over and a new standard was established.
The botton line is that the old style way is about 4 - 6 DB's louder than todays standards.
After acquiring a properly calibrated Mastering System, I restandardized the tracks that were
mastered for CD to accomodate the streaming services and the new world wide standards for broadcast.

Tom really shows his love for electronics and sythesizers on these albums.  He also displays some of his
orchestration and other concepts he explores in music and life.

This collection has my 3rd & 4th albums combined in a streaming format.
The Mastered for Streaming collections were Released in 2017 
All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Tom Shirra
All instruments Tom Shirra

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Streaming Optimization of Clear Sailing and Digital Six Pack albums
The "ReMasters" collection came about when I did not like how some of the CD versions of the tracks did not always sound proper when
streamed through some sites such as "YouTube" etc. After some retrospective research I found that most of the music before 2005 had the
same issue when taken straight from CD or Vinyl. Conclusion is they changed the rules for the streaming platforms and I was schooled in the
old format such as CD and Vinyl. Hence after hitting the books and acquiring a calibrated Mastering solution
we are now able to accommodate the needs of the current dynamic industry.

Festival Dance
Creepy Critters
Options De Chemical
Scratching the Surface
Off to the Club
Clear Sailing
Take Flight
Wind up Monkey
Self Aware
C = F H
Serotonin Whispers
 What's in My Tea
Under the Rainbow
Majestic Plains
A Stroll Through Grand Central
Other Side of the Looking Glass
Fretless Fantasy
Complexity of Thought
Manic Moonbeam