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ShirraSong Enterprise Specializes in Network Design, Implementation, Security and Support

A Network Consulting leader in the Tampabay, Florida, & the Caribbean region 

Microsoft BackOffice Products

Microsoft Front Office Products

Citrix Winframe and Metaframe

Cisco Routing and Firewalls

WatchGuard Firewalls

Network Security Products

Web Implementations Products

Initial Protools configurations

Administration & Upkeep

Dell, HP, Lenovo, Intel, Apple

From small business to large enterprises, ShirraSong Enterprises, Inc. Can help consult and implement a solution that is right for you

Medical Dicom, Pacs Systems, RIS Systems, AutoCad, Protools, Accounting Systems, Network Connectivity, Contact Management Systems, ECommerce Systems, Recordig & Reproduction, Dev Servers, Server Farms, SQL, NOC, Command & Control Systems, Web Camera Systems, Monitoring Systems, Automated Systems

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