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     Tom Shirra - Born 08/03/63 in CT is a Multi-instrumentalist/Writer schooled in CT, NY, and MA. In his youth, Tom attended the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven CT. with Bill 'Apollo" Brown, Richard Hill, and others.
Later he studied with Linc Chamberland, Dr. Lynn Christie, Elliot Magaziner, and Paul Lavalle among others who instructed him in classical and improvisational skills. A special Thanks to Scott Rosen from "Lou's Music" his first Guitar teacher who helped to show him the proper path.
     Tom's parents where musical his Mom played piano and sang, Dad played horn in a award winning competitive marching band and he played sax as well. Tom's Mom use to joke how he would keep the time with kicks in her womb to the bass drum of the marching band. He grew up as a kid making string intruments out of shoe & cigar boxes, tapping on things, playnig piano & singing. Then the first serious instrument he tried to learn was sax at 8, it did not go well, he wanted to play trumpet. The next serious instument was bass guitar at 12 and that was all she wrote, he was playing professional by 15.
     In the 80's. Tom played double bass with many Orchestras, played Lincoln Center and many NY jazz clubs. Played on the road with bands on and off till 89. Had a couple of local TV spots in NJ, NY, CT. He was a member of CT's WPLR Breakfast Band doing live radio shows with Smith & Barber. He also played in many acts as a side man through his local musician unions.

   Tom began playing regularly in Florida with occasional musical road trips and tours in the 90's.
    The early and mid 2000's one of Tom's local bands was voted Central Florida's best band 3 years in a row before disbanding. He also began to get more involved with recording with original artists.
    2010's saw Tom begin to concentrate on his solo appearances and recording.
Tom is writing and recording music for TV and Movies along with producing & recording other acts these days. Of course he is still playing regularly locally with the occasional tour.
Peace and Enjoy